Drosera of the World Volume 1 Oceania

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Drosera of Oceania is the first volume of a series of three books that document all carnivorous sundews (Drosera) of the world, for the very first time and in unparalleled detail.

These spectacular carnivorous plants produce leaves lined with tentacles tipped with droplets of glistening, sticky mucus that trap, kill and digest insects and other small animals.

In this volume, all Drosera taxa from Oceania (New Guinea, Australia, New Zealand and the near Pacific islands) are documented in lavish detail. The morphology, diversity, taxonomy and botanical history of all recognised taxa is described in depth in clear English prose. All descriptions are accompanied with numerous spectacular images covering many Drosera taxa that have never been photographed before.

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536 pages
606 images
270 x 205 mm
Hardcover with dust jacket

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