Fascinated by Fungi


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  • Author: O'Reilly, P.
  • Date Pub: 2011
  • ISBN: ISBN: 9780956054432
  • Published byFirst Nature - more

  • • Uses, history, facts and mythology of fungi
  • • Fungus biology and classification
  • • Wood, trees and forest ecology;
  • • Woodland fungi and their vital roles
  • • Grass, grasses and grassland types;
  • • Fungi of grasslands
  • • An Identification Guide to more than 400 species
  • • Photography; microscopy; foray planning; recipes
  • ''Fascinated by Fungi; –subtitled “exploring the majesty and mystery, facts and fantasy of the quirkiest kingdom on earth" - is an easy-to-follow introduction to the complex and largely unexplored kingdom of Fungi.

    Suitable for both the novice and the more knowledgeable enthusiast, the book can be used as an identification guide as there are descriptions of 400 or so more commonly found or important species, arranged in sections covering different habitats and lifestyles. There are also useful appendices which include a glossary as well as indices of scientific and common names. However, the real strength of the book is the lively conversational narrative style, which makes what can seem a complex and baffling subject more accessible to the lay reader. There is also a wealth of incidental detail and other useful background information not generally found in other guides or handbooks.

    “A clear, logical guide to a crucial part of our life support system; the kind of book that most people (including me) really need.”
    Roger Thomas, Chief Executive, Countryside Council for Wales

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    Softback laminated, 450 pages all in full colour; more than 1000 colour photographs.

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