Fruit: Edible, Inedible and Incredible

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  • From the same stable and in similar format to 'Seeds' and 'Pollen' by Kesseler and his co-authors
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  • Fruit. The word conjures up mouthwatering memories of crunchy apples, luscious strawberries, sweet bananas, succulent melons and juicy pineapples. The well-travelled will also recall the splendid cornucopia of tropical fruits that thrive in the warmer climes of our planet and have now conquered supermarket shelves all over the world.
    But as is revealed in this sumptuous account, fruits are part of a much more elaborate plot. Their true nature is concealed in what is buried in their core: their seeds. Seeds are the most sophisticated and precious organs produced by plants in that they bear the next generation. Fruits and seeds together are responsible for the successful reproduction and dispersal of the species. The key role that fruits and seeds play in the survival of each species explains the manifold dispersal strategies that plants have developed during the course of their evolution. The strategies they pursue, whether they involve wind, water, humans and animals or the plant's own explosive triggers, are reflected in a plethora of different colours, sizes and shapes. Some are edible, some inedible, and many quite incredible!

    Hardback with dust-cover
    ISBN: 9781901092745

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