Monographic Plant Systematics: Fundamental Assessment of Plant Biodiversity.

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Regnum Vegetabile Volume 153 Monographic Plant Systematics

Botanical monography describes the characteristics, distributions, ecology, correct names, and evolutionary relationships of plant species and is a foundation for systematic and evolutionary studies
This new book addresses the problems that arise from focusing exclusively on DNA studies to explore evolutionary relationships, to the exclusion of developing new monographies, that can provide a source of fresh hypotheses against which to test DNA data.
The book has four parts: (1) The value of botanical monography; (2) Data and analysis in monographic work; (3) Literature and nomenclature for monographic research; and (4) Perspectives. The objectives in the 12 chapters of the book, all authored by established monographers, are to present ideas on the importance of monography and those tools that are available for doing successful monographic work.
232 p.
illustations,(partly coloured)
ISBN 9783906166988/ ISSN 00800694

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