Pilzkompendium: 4. - text volume. Cortinariaceae I: Cortinarius (part I), Galerina, Hebeloma, Hebelomina, Inocybe, Phaeogalera


  • Author: Ludwig, E.
  • Date Pub: 2017
  • ISBN: 9783940316059
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Each volume of the Pilzkompendium series comes 2 two parts, the text and plates being bound in separate books. They can be purchased separately or as a set at a slightly reduced price.

The text volume is in German with English summaries. It covers the first part of the Cortinariaceae, covering the genera Cortinarius ss. str. 2 taxa, Dermocybe 24 taxa, Galerina 41 taxa, Hebeloma 49 taxa, Inocybe 237 taxa, Leprocybe 14 taxa, Phaeogalera 2 taxa, Phlegmacium 157 taxa. Altogether 77 new taxa and new combinations are described.

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Further Information:

Plates volume 300 pages, 262 plates with 1266 colour illustrations
Text volume 828 pages, 841 b/w line drawings