Plant Life of the Dolomites: Atlas of Flora


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  • ▶ Offers detailed records and distribution maps on the individual
  • species of Dolomite plants
  • ▶ Based on the authors’ numerous research surveys throughout the
  • Dolomites
  • ▶ Complements the two former volumes of Plant Life of the Dolomites
  • This volume offers distribution maps of over 2200 individual species living in the Dolomite
    area, presenting detailed records on the local range of every species growing in the area
    studied, from the Puster Valley to the Piave River. The data was collected on the basis of
    a multiple field observations carried out over several decades. After dividing the area into
    approx. 200 quadrants, a nearly complete census of the species present was obtained
    for each quadrant. The evaluation and synopsis of this extensive set of data, which is
    presented in the form of a chorological atlas in keeping with international standard
    methods, allows the area to be accurately compared with other parts of the Alps. In
    addition to the chorological atlas and floristic inventory, a list of synonyms and toponyms
    of the three languages used in the analyzed territory, an expanded list of updated
    scientific names, and some helpful remarks on various Dolomites species are included.
    Lastly, the book explores how species can be considered as landscape bioindicators.
    This third volume of the work Plant Life of the Dolomites complements the main volume
    Vegetation Structure and Ecology and the volume Vegetation Tables, which presents
    essential data at the plant association level.

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    VIII, 489 p.
    391 illus. in color

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