Sand Dunes - a practical handbook

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•Sand dunes are fragile habitats, easily damaged by the trampling of visitors. Dunes are also constantly changing, affected by the sea, wind and weather. Any management work requires understanding of dune systems, and the way they change over time. This handbook describes how dunes develop, and then details the techniques for constructing fences to trap sand and encourage dune accretion. Access is an important factor in dune management, and practical details are given on planning access provision, building paths and fences to direct visitor use to minimise damage. The planting of marram grass to stabilise dunes is also described, along with information on the management of dune grasslands, slacks and other associated habitats.

•109 pages
•A4 paperback, wiro-bound
•112 illustrations, by Anne Roper
•ISBN 094675232X
•First published 1979 as Coastlands
•Last revision 2005

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