The Botany of Mangroves. 2nd ed


  • Includes 24 high-quality colour images, illustrating the details discussed in the text
  • Incorporates evidence from genetic analysis, a newly developing discipline, providing cutting-edge research and information
  • Summarises new research since the last edition, demonstrating the dynamism of the discipline and providing researchers with comprehensive knowledge of the field
  • Mangroves are distinctive tropical plant communities that occupy the intertidal zone between sea and land. They are of major ecological importance, have economic value as a source of food and raw materials, and serve as a buffer from flooding and climate change-induced sea level rise. Mangroves are under threat from pollution, clearance and over-exploitation, and increasing concern has driven demand for an improved understanding of mangrove species. This book provides an introduction to mangroves, including their taxonomy, habitat-specific features, reproduction and socio-economic value. Fully updated to reflect the last two decades of research, this new edition of a key text includes newly documented taxa, new understandings of vivipary and the evolution of mangrove species, and a rich set of colour illustrations. It will appeal to researchers and students across a range of disciplines, including botany, ecology and zoology.

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    357 pages,
    128 b/w illus. 24 colour illus. 13 tables
    247 x 174 mm

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