The Discovery of the Native Flora of Britain & Ireland


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  • A compilation of the first records for 1670 species and aggregates, covering Great Britain, Ireland, The Channel Isles and the Isle of Man
  • The introduction sets out the background, the previous compilations, and the very extensive developments over the last century (since William Clarke's First Records of British Flowering Plants in 1900).

    This is followed by accounts for all the native species, with the exception of the three largest critical groups – Rubus, Hieracium & Taraxacum. For completeness this includes up to 40 species whose recent status has shuffled between native and alien.

    For each species there is:
    - the first Literature reference, commencing with the works of
    William Turner.
    - the first Evidence (herbarium specimen, manuscript or other)
    - a relatively critical account of every significant national flora or
    herbal since 1538.
    - a list of the principal periodicals from 1666 to date.
    - lists of census catalogues and lists of plants.
    - details of county floras with a very good history of discovery.
    - books on the history of botany.
    - developments in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
    - major herbaria whose contents are known, however broadly.

    These are supplemented by a list of the discoverers of each plant, where known and with sources (~ 500 names) and lists of the plants they discovered.

    Over 900 references.

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    ~ 450 pp.

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