The Watercolour Flower Painter's Pocket Palette (Volume 1)

  • Author: Elisabeth Harden
  • Date Pub: 2009
  • ISBN: ISBN 9781844482344
  • Published bySearch Press - more

This book offers an amazing spectrum of flower shades, ranging from the cool whites and blues of daisies and cornflowers to the richest reds and purples of tulips and anemones.

Flowers are identified by their common name and at least one example of each shape is shown, highlighting common characteristics. The author illustrates bells, trumpets, rays, simple star shapes and more. Step-by-step photographs explain all the techniques involved including applying washes, creating textures with dry brush work, lifting out, wet-on-wet and masking. Clear captions describe the colours and colour mixes used, with over seventy flower paintings ranging from multiheaded wallflowers to spiky, red hot pokers. This invaluable pocket guide is a must for all flower artists, whatever their skill levels.

Size: 145 x 185 mm
Illustrations: 200
Pages: 64

  • New Title
  • Condition: New

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