Wonderful Weeds: An Extensive & Fully Illustrated Guide from Seedlings to Fruit


  • Author: Harley, M.
  • Date Pub: 2016
  • ISBN: 9781906506605
  • Published byPapadakis - more

Papadakis have produced several art-quality books on a botanical theme. In this one, botanist Madeline Harley who co-authored Pollen - the hidden sexuality of flowers, pairs clear, informative descriptions with superb photographs of almost 200 British weedy species.
This is an excellent guide which harnasses the power of digital photography to illustrate all the stages of the life cycle of each weed. This book is a vast improvement on earlier publications, which largely focused on weedling stages and couldn't provide the high quality imagery needed to aid identification of similar species.

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  • Condition: New

Further Information:

240 pages, colour photos
265 x 210 mm

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